FP Memphis has created a valley. A Peabody Valley where the types of living space are diverse and the amenities are plenty. Imagine having  a Private Park, a Community Garden,  Guarded Security, Camera Security, local office all in one spot so you can roam and enjoy.  Need a get together spot? We have a private indoor venue, grassy lot, a concrete pad (lot) and even a church!

Apartments, townhouses, low cost units, upper end units.

These pictures were taken during construction.

First shows new kitchen framing, insulation and electrical surrounding the new double payne windows. 

The second shows the new electrical mains and the individual meters. This renovation was done during the "hood" days and the copper wire was stolen twice from the new electrical. Now no issues.

The third photo shows us completely replacing the whole balcony and deck structures to original appearance.

FP Memphis renovated this building back in 2012. We spent over $280,000 and upgraded many features. This building uses gas "instant on" water heaters, electric baseboard heaters and has dual payne windows. Every scratch of plumbing and electrical was replaced with nothing left whatsoever.

Mayor A. C. Wharton Stopped by to Congratulate